Vue 3.x directive for apply random colors to CSS properties of HTML element. By default directive use 216 web safe colors. More info at Colors could be re-defined by user, see options section below.
Note: Vue 2.x directive can found at Github or npm.
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Add directive for Vue component:
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Or register globally at the app level:
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More information about custom directives can be found at Vue website.
Use directive in Nuxt as plugin:
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More information about plugins can be found at Nuxt website.
Basic example
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property (string) - CSS property to apply color. { background | border | color }. By default: background.

event (string) - Event which evoke color change. By default: mouseover.

default (string) - Default color which apply in case of mouseout or mouseleave. By default: 'ffffff'.

colors (array) - List of colors defined by user.

transition (number) - Speed of CSS property transition.

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